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隨著國際化與地球村時代的來臨,英語在現代的生活中已成為不可或缺的一項溝通工具。優秀的語言能力是國家的資產,也是國民面對未來全球化競爭的重要實力。基此理念,新北市政府教育局為有效培養學童未來的國際競爭力,縮短城鄉差距及社經地位差異所造成的英語程度落差,於97年9月首創全國浸潤式(immersion)的英語學習體驗學校─新北市英速魔法學院( New Taipei City English Wonderland),讓本市學童不用出國,就能享受宛如「出國遊學」的真實體驗,使學童在自然的情境中開口說英語並培養好品德,頗獲家長及各界好評。

With the advent of internationalization and the era of global village, English has become an indispensable communication tool in our everyday's life. Excellent language ability is not only a national asset, but also an important strength for citizens to face the future global competition. Based on this concept, the New Taipei City Government created an immersive all-English teaching& learning environment: The New Taipei City English Wonderland. The mission is to effectively strengthen children’s future competitiveness, as well as bridge the gap of English skills among urban-rural populations, multivariate financial situations & family background. With this program students in this city do not have to go abroad, as they can enjoy the real experience like "studying abroad", so that students can speak English in a natural situation and cultivate good morality.

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Pre-Service Training

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Foreign Teacher Outing

Foreign Teacher Outing

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