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About us

As the first English Wonderland in New Taipei City, we provide fifth grade students in remote area of the city with 3 days and 2 nights study tour since 2008. In English Wonderland, teacher make use of English to conduct curriculum explanation and teach scientific knowledge.The camp is free for students,the meal and transportation are provided. By doing this, who hope to reduce the twin gaps of English learning.

Our campus is equipped with a standard 200m athletic track field and many games, sports, and leisure facilities providing students to exercise, learn and play. The curriculum of the three days and two nights camp is focus on local features such as "Nature and Care," "Energy Education" and "Sea Education." There are 19  faculties working in our campus, 1 director, 5 foreign teachers. We serve 160 people each week,  a total of 5600 students every year.













Our campus is located in the north of Taiwan with hills behind and sea in front, hidden in the lush mountainside. By overlooking the blue waves of the ocean in the front and Mt.Tatun system in the back. Here are some facilities our campus have: 









Theme Classrooms: Designed with nature and care, 4 classrooms for English learning style with different themes are established with French windows, glass blackboard, and adjustable tables and chairs.

Magical Dorm Room: In order to provide English immersion experience programs with night camping, we remodeled to classrooms into dorm rooms, providing comfortable environmental to eliminated the feeling of anxiety for children.

Sea View Library: Painted with rich layout and equipped with technological electronic white board, we combine humanity and technology to create the interactive environment for learning and teaching. The library is functioned with traditional school library and specialized in teaching and learning. 

Audio-Visual Classroom: The ceiling is designed of oceanic image, and the classroom is equipped with high specification audio-visual equipment, becoming a place for orientation, ceremony, multimedia appreciation and performance. 

Dream Hall: the hall is equipped with the learning corner of carbon reduction and fun-learn area. Also, the hall is painted by luminous painting to create the atmosphere of fluorescent night in dream castle. We also provide real- time viewing on internet platform for parents to check the activities and learning status of students. 

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