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新北市政府教育局為有效培養學童未來的國際競爭力,縮短城鄉差距及社經地位差異所造成的英語程度落差,於97年9月首創全國浸潤式(immersion)的英語學習體驗學校─新北市英速魔法學院( New Taipei City English Wonderland)。





The goal of our program is to elevate the competitiveness of all of our citizens, rising to the challenges and opportunities of our country’s engagement in the WTO while simultaneously implementing the Executive Yuan’s “Challenge 2008: Country Development Project – E Generation Talent.” Our work is to foster communication between cultures across continents. To enhance the language skills of our city’s elementary school and junior high school students. Cultivate an English environment for all.

To build up a social environment of life-long learning for the E Generation and hone the skills of foreign languages and internet information. To these ends we bring native speakers of English and international modes of learning to our city’s students. This way we can realize the ideal of extending learning English for every person, and implement the government’s long-term vision for English learning in our city.

The New Taipei City Government created an immersive all-English teaching & learning environment - 

New Taipei City English Wonderland 2020

The mission is to effectively strengthen children’s future competitiveness, as well as bridge the gap of English skills among urban-rural populations, multivariate financial situations & family background.

Different from situational/topical simulations and short-term English classes, the immersive all-English teaching & learning environment of New Taipei City English Wonderland provides a realistic 3-day study abroad experience for without leaving the country. Being in an English Sea while on a Chinese Island.

To realize these goals the New Taipei City English Wonderland was established at Qianhua Campus in September, 2008, with a theme of Environmental Protection; Kuo Lai Campus in March, 2010, with an ethos of “a rich and diverse, fun learning environment”; Xin Fu Campus in July, 2011, organized around “International Study Tour”. Each campus provides our city’s students with a 3-day all-English American camp experience.

                                             2020 Summer Camp  Program

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